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I Look For Sexual Partners Spanish massage urban dictionary

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Spanish massage urban dictionary

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I may ask you to service him orally. Uh hi I am a chill chick that will get along with just about anybody. Anyways, I hope we can talk again, spanish massage urban dictionary spanisn I can have another chance to ask your. I just like loud music, having fun, going wild often, family and freinds. Sound good.

Name: Lonee
Age: 53
City: Sydney
Hair: Carnation pink
Relation Type: Female Friend For Online Chats
Seeking: I Am Searching Cock
Relationship Status: Not important

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Top definition.

NMM unknown. Not Much Man.

NMM work. Nude Mutual Massage.

Not marriage material. Persons who have been riding the Merry-go-pound for too long and have developed the See-saw-syndrome.

NMMS unknown. A racial slur. Literally means " Niggers Make Me Sick!

Man 1: Man 2: Tiblar Badda Bing, Badda Boom Put Ghee Fish Pic RAOBJ Dead Men Tell No Tales