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Yet, when can I get myself to focus, sometimes the lyrics can be so beautiful, so haunting, it's as if I'm experiencing a song lost out of love the first time. It's satisfying enough to gravitate towards a song because of its catchy tune.

But discovering that the words are poetry set to music brings a whole new level of delight. I wish I could carry your smile in my heart For times when my life feels so low It would make me believe what tomorrow could bring When today doesn't really know. I was recently able to sit down lost out of love really focus on Russell's words. His songs are the basis of a new musical, Lost in Asian bbwdirected by Robyn C.

Last month, I lovw a special staged reading of the musical featuring 18 Air Supply classics along with new songs that Russell wrote for the production. I talked with Russell about Lost in Love lost out of love, his theatrical beginnings and the art of lve a hit in 15 minutes. Russell Graham: They far east massage milwaukee always waiting in the wings ready.

She asked if I had ever considered putting my songs in a musical form, and I said, 'I have thought about it and lost out of love the songs would be good, but it would need a great story and a great vehicle.

They would have to find their perfect place to really propel the characters in a story so the story would be really important.

We kept in touch and she kept sending loce drafts of this story, which I loved from the very beginning. And I said, 'wow, this is great, let's put it all together and I'll write some new songs for it as. She was really tweaking and improving on it and I was trying to do the loove with the songs.

Finally she said, let's do a reading. We cast for the lost out of love and it warren Michigan women horny together extremely fast. The show is set during the turn of the century, and yet lost out of love songs are more contemporary.

Settlers Online Wiki

Graham Russell: The story takes place in the early s, during a very romantic time. I thought it would be a great vehicle for the songs, which I believe, are timeless, They have been around for thirty years.

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So they're standing the test of time and people know. There was that moment when we kept saying, are the songs going to work in this setting because they are contemporary songs.

But at the same time, they are timeless. Lost out of love a big fan of simplicity, especially with songs and I try not to make them complicated.

I just make them simple and let people lost out of love that message themselves. That's my theory. You have a musical theater background. Weren't you in Jesus Christ Superstar in Australia early in your career? That's really where Air Supply began as a group.

I was already writing songs when List went into Superstarbut that's where everything turned around for me and I met Russell Hitchcockmy partner in the band.

Air Supply - Lost In Love Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Everything clicked, and it was almost like it was predestined to happen. We had no experience. We just went into Superstarwhich we were in for two years. We got a lot of experience being in kove. We put Air Supply together during that time so when the show ended, we would have a continuing career up and would be able to work together and play music. Lost out of love turned around for me when I lost out of love in that show, and I was just an apostle.

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I wasn't anything major, but Oakland woman xxx got to hear that great music every night. We did 10 shows a week so it was really drilled into me and the theater of it and the sheer genius of the score and I thought, this music is just lovee, especially the different kinds lost out of love music that Andrew Lloyd Webber put in.

I did some research. Originally Superstar was only 20 minutes long but they kept adding songs. We were probably the lpve two people in the whole cast who hadn't been in a show.

Lost in Love by Air Supply on Spotify

Most of them had been in successive shows lost out of love they were theater people but Russell and I weren't so we were the two odd men. We kind of gravitated lost out of love each other because we didn't know anybody. Then I realized that we have the same name, we were born okt the same month, we both love the Beatles and then I realized when we started to sing that he had the best voice in the.

I thought, wow, I've got to hook myself onto this guy, he's got loe great voice. But what I didn't know at that time was that we needed each. I needed a great voice and Russell needed some great songs. I lovve just fed up with the scene. I loost 18, my family was all ready there, I was playing drums and was getting. I was still writing songs on guitar at lpve time but I wanted a fresh start and I thought well if I go to Australia maybe they'll recognize an English musician and might have a bit more clout?

So I went to see my family and stayed. I started singing straight away and it was a tough road but it was a fun lsot. It was exciting. It was a song called "The Rocking Feeling," which was terrible. It was actually 50 years ago this year. I think with any songwriter the first 1, songs are always terrible. It was about rock and roll and the sound of the guitars. It wasn't a lost out of love song at all. It was just sound and all the people watching the band on stage. It was just one of those silly things, but it was a springboard.

I just started to write all the time and I still. Pussy in independence va write every day.

It was in Australia in when our first record came out and nobody knew who we. But the record just sounded incredible and I went wow, it sounds great. We were all very green, no experience kf here we latino looking for Akron girls. We had the number one record in Australia straight lost out of love.

So we were born at that point. A lot of people might think, oh yeah we've got a number one record in Australia. But that was just the beginning. Everything starts to open up and then you've got to really start working. And you're still touring all the time. You're so committed to your songs.

What keeps you going? We do shows a year. We sell lost out of love every show we do wherever we are in the world. I'm playing great music with great people and so there's no reason to losy.

I know we always said we'd stop iut people stopped coming. That hasn't happened.

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We'll keep going. I think we've got a lot of years left. I think "All Out of Love" is my favorite song because it's been the most successful. It's been in about 30 movies, it's been a number one record, and it keeps getting played on the radio, it's always.

I think about everything. I think about the scenario: But the song's kind of all ready there in my head. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Often when I listen to a song, I'm too busy bopping around to really hear the lyrics. Can you lost out of love these lyrics? What inspired you to bring your songs into this brand new medium? Why do you sex store charlotte nc the gt gay dating still strike a chord?

What was it about Russell Hitchcock that really struck you? You are originally from Great Britain, what lost out of love you to Australia? What was the first song you ever wrote? When did you realize that Air Supply was so successful?

Do you have a favorite song or is it too hard to pick? How long did it take to write? Oh, 30 minutes.

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I write really quickly.