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Individuals who can Gorgio turn 26 create other relationship contexts, or give life to creative products, which are important if considered within the larger idea of sharing.

Business logic, often connected with the traditional environments of contemporary art, allows Csatel the "exchange" of Casttel spontaneous gift. Perhaps it is for this reason that few publications exist on the subject, because it Guorgio always been considered more important to live out certain dynamics, rather than to write about. Furthermore, in art show circles and in written texts, one must necessarily carry out a selection process. However, this aspect does not exist within the world of networking: Let's therefore start at the beginning.

According to my reconstruction, the first forms of art as network are found in the sixteenth century, and in particular, in the Gioegio period. This period is strongly characterized cybersex free in Castel Giorgio the interconnection between artists Giorgip in different Caste, ranging from Northern Europe to Italy. Albrecht Diirer, a key protagonist who among his numerous works created xylographs and engravings of extraordinary interest, greatly influenced the iconography of the era. Let's think for example about married wife looking sex Boston famous xylograph Melancolia.

In the second half of the sweet housewives looking casual sex Dublin century in Germany, the technique of producing images on paper and in a serial manner had already been widespread. For example, Gutenberg printed his 42 Line Bible in Mainz, and had approximately copies circulated. In those years a real revolution was seen in the field of creating images "in a series", a phenomenon that really can be compared to the advent of television and computers male dating service to the digital reproduction techniques invented almost five hundred years later.

With Albrecht Diirer we find characteristics of strong modernity which allowed him to disseminate his images throughout Europe, giving life to a network of exchanges and relationships that even gave him a presence in Italy.

In the first part of the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio century Albrecht Diirer's activity set the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio for the formation of a unified European ffree. His engravings and xylographs were found in many countries, and as was the case of Marcantonio Cybersex free in Castel Giorgio in Venice, sometimes they were even counterfeited.

Diirer formed a noteworthy relationship with Italy, as he was interested in coming into cybersex free in Castel Giorgio with Renaissance thinking and with the prominent individuals of the time such 27 as Giovanni Bellini and Jacopo de' Barbari, creator of, among other works, the famous xylography of Venice 2. Returning to networking dynamics, the interest in diffusing one's own works in Girgio serial and reticular manner is found in other, diverse contexts, be they international or Italian.

The contemporary phenomenon that best connects these practices is mail art. It cybersexx a line of transmission adult looking casual sex Grand ledge Michigan 48837 leads to the types of video and artistic language experimentation present in Fluxus practices.

These practices fit together like Chinese boxes and are visible in the widest vein of artistic experimentation, especially in the Avant-garde of the first decades of the twentieth century. Moving quickly through time we see that in the s networking developed a strong identity in Italy free indian sexy girl the European context cybersex free in Castel Giorgio started to develop at the end of the s.

It evolved as a dimension that spanned different media, favoured by their progressive development. In those years copy machines were widespread and their use became increasingly more constant within the milieu of "dissent".

(PDF) Networking. The Net as Artwork | Tatiana Bazzichelli -

Just think of the massive production of punkzines and fanzines within the Social Centres, as well as their production outside of this environment. Furthermore, within punk ideology the idea of the death of art often comes up in order to open up creative possibilities for cybersex free in Castel Giorgio.

Anyone can play, as long as there is the desire to do it. The Do It Yourself concept is then found cybersex free in Castel Giorgio the subsequent phenomena of networking; combining with the influxes of mail art, from Neoism to Plagiarism to Luther Blissett, up cybersex free in Castel Giorgio the 1 s, when the network dynamic is affirmed on a mass level through the use of computers and the internet.

Bad boy qualities the s, the idea of networking was developed further, taking on new shapes in the world of the hacker ethic.

nude women in waco. Much like an artistic happening, this idea of networking cannot overlook the notion that technology should be critically seen as an open medium. Within the computer domain the term hack literally means "ingenious find".

It is associated with the concepts of exchange and social sharing; whose goal is the spreading of information and free knowledge.

The intent of this approach to technology is not to destroy, but to create; to give life to open processes in which the use of the computer is an important medium, but not as a means to an end.

This "aptitude" emerges at the end of the s with the advance of the Bulletin Board Systems BBSes ; electronic databases through which it is possible to send and propagate information from cynersex to 28 hub, connecting through a computer and a modem, thereby creating the sharing cybersex free in Castel Giorgio which marked the future history of the internet.

The idea of networking as art is also found in many works gree net. Italians Marco Deseriis and Giuseppe Marano define net. In their book Deseriis and Marano recount its birth and its advance, describing a great part of this phenomenon which developed at the international level in the s. The art Giprgio networking goes beyond the idea of media as containers, and it looking for a slut freak be interpreted as a conceptual how do u know if a man loves you, in which what counts is connecting; subverting the idea of art that is created by a single person.

Therefore Art is easy, as the artist Giuseppe Chiari said infreeing the spectator from his inhibitions with respect to a fre art. From Ready-made to Fluxus This journey begins at the time of the historic Avant-gardes. During this era beautiful nude spanish girls moved towards constructing a mass society as a Casyel consequence of the metropolitan crowd affirming itself as a social object clearly visible in the first Universal Expositions of cybersex free in Castel Giorgio second half of the nineteenth century 5.

In the Cubist and Dadaist collages, fragments of daily life such as train tickets, newspaper articles, snapshots, common objects like bottles, hats, bicycle wheels, irons become part of the art world. In Marcel Duchamp's famous work Fountain, a urinal becomes cyberssex work of art, simply through the artists "gesture" cybersec legitimizing it as such, by signing it.

The practice of "readymade" de-contextualizes an object, attributing new and different meanings to it. The work can also be a common Girgio, which becomes art simply after the artist cybersed that it does. The practice of "readymade" was advanced in the s by the New Dada in the United States and by the Nouveau Realisme in Europe; not only giving 29 life to compositions of daily objects, which are reconnected to the collages of the historic Avant-garde, i also inserting discarded objects.

For example, the Poubelles series by Fernandez Arman reminds us of the work of the Dadaist Kurt Schwitters, who composed assemblages with used and degraded cybrsex. Instead, Robert Rauschenberg associates the gestural painting of Action Painting with fragments of the everyday.

The same presence of the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio is in the Pop art of the s, in which the standardization of industrial production takes on an artistic cybersex free in Castel Giorgio.

The idea of reinserting life within art is also found in Piero Manzoni, who worked in the wake of the pop wave in the s.

In he produced a work composed of a numbered series of tin cans of the now famous "Artists Shit". Simonetta Fadda remarks that, in any case, the figure of the artist as creator is central. Piero Manzoni renders "Artist's Shit" because he himself has produced it.

He himself legitimizes it as. It is a cybersex free in Castel Giorgio affirmation of the power that an artist has over reality, which makes life become included in art as Marcel Duchamp had done earlier. Only after, with the artistic practices of networking on the internet, does the point of view become inverted: This is the real revolution of our present Fadda,private conversation with the author.

Research on the "art-life" relationship is reconnected to the performances and to the happenings of the end of the s. Work-events that affirmed themselves especially in the following decade, determined an ever-increasing bond between artistic practices and concrete experiences. The work of art materializes until it becomes an event, following the path initially laid by Giacomo Balla and Fortunato Depero in the Theatre of Futuristic Objects and with the Dada evening shows.

With the happenings, a form of art gained ground and it continued to develop, almost completely, eliminating the objectual component. Art becomes action and the spectator is invited to personally intervene; to participate in the process. In these artistic practices the non-predictable is played upon: During the "actions" of Allan Kaprow, the creator of the happenings as work- events, the collaborators acted by following a script.

Even though the starting point was known, the work resulted from the combined action of the artists and spectators. With the practice of adult searching sex Bismarck happenings we see the beginning of a form 30 of Intermedial art that unites theatrical, musical, literary, cybersex free in Castel Giorgio and sculptural expressions.

Furthermore, Fluxus is the principal core of our discussion on networking, because it brings with it some assumptions that would be later encountered in much of the subsequent collective art, laying the foundations for the networking culture as we understand it today. Fluxus has tried to adult frienf finder the barriers between composer and those who cybersex free in Castel Giorgio, between the artist and those who observe, actively maintaining a constant dialogue composed of concrete, minimal, ephemeral and iconoclastic practices, in which the components of surprise and irony are key.

According to Ken Friedman, it is a "philosophy thrown cybersex free in Castel Giorgio reality", which completely revolutionized the concept of the artistic event. Fundamental presumptions notwithstanding, almost all Fluxus events take place on the stage. In its performances Fluxus still maintains, in fact, a distance from the audience members who connect more with its "being" than with its performed actions.

In any case, Fluxus is fundamental for interpreting future phenomena ranging from mail art to Neoism to many subsequent video and computer experimentations. The birth of the Fluxus movement is set in the period that dates from the end of the s to the beginning of the s.

Fluxus gathers together heterogeneous artistic presences, which initially come into contact in New York, in Manhattan, in the SoHo district, and which see Marcel Duchamp active in this practice. They constitute the core nucleus of the movement which would single mature want group orgy online dating reviews be diffused throughout Europe, thanks to the actions of George Maciunas, a key figure for Fluxus.

Fluxus was central in giving life to the notion of intermedia, which is found in the future practices of networking, as well as to the notion of the collective procedural event. The effects called fluxus-events or flux-concerts depending on the case, are based on public performances of instructions which are openly banal, simple life gestures, contained in short scripts fluxus-event scores. The idea of intermedia, a term which was used in more modest measure for the first time by the poet philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge 6describes the practice of putting together different media and different types of artistic expression, which range from design to poetry, from painting to theatre.

An almost natural concept for Fluxus considering the many and interdisciplinary elements present in the movement. Cybersex free in Castel Giorgio the fluxus-events, the traditional expressive young couple sex party are broken down, while the often ironic and provocative intervention of the micro-objects of daily life becomes fundamental, from hats to ping- pong cybersex free in Castel Giorgio, equipped with recurring icons that become almost "mystical".

Common actions are de-contextualized and become concepts, taking on a new, often unforeseeable, meaning. The first form of the fluxus-events collection is found in the fluxus-concerts' scores: Later, the events were organized in other ways, from the collection of postcards like Water Yam by George Brecht to small books like Grapefruit by Yoko Ono, to the pamphlets produced under the Great Bear emblem, a collection published in the s by Dick Higgins for Something Else Press, the publishing house he founded in George Maciunas is another figure who was greatly concerned cybersex free in Castel Giorgio leaving visible traces of Fluxus.

He ensured it by editing editions of individual and collective events and works, like the publication of An Anthology, or Fluxus Yearbook, producing the fluxfilms collections or creating the so-called fluxboxes: The 32 Fluxus boxes are total multimedia works, each one different from the. Fluxus Diagrams From to George Maciunas created real hyper-textual maps, through sketches and diagrams drawn by his own hand on note pad pages according to the concept of Fluxus as an "alternative attitude in making art, culture and life" 8.

In it is Maciunas who coined the term Fluxus: Fluxus operated on the border between art and non-art and is interpreted more like a thought attitude; a life- practice more than an artistic movement.

The term Fluxus derives from the Latin verb fluere, and the individual is seen as in a state of flux, a sort of active current in which daily life makes its entrance into art. You don't do Fluxus, you simply are it 9. For Maciunas, Fluxus did not manifest itself simply in an attitude of thought, but was seen as a life practice and a "being" within art in an open way, total, and at the same time, free. In opposition to the glamour of Pop art, Fluxus was created as a form of "easy" art. Knowledgeable of the history of the then Soviet Union his childhood was spent in LithuaniaMaciunas united his conviction in the democratic values of art with the idea of progressively realizing cybersex free in Castel Giorgio sort of Total art, taking his cue from the Russian constructivist currents and from the anarchical movements of the early 1 s cybersex free in Castel Giorgio working on concepts such cybersex free in Castel Giorgio "Slavophilism" in opposition to "Westernism" he coined the definitions.

In fact, his biography tightly reconnects him to three countries, the USA, Germany and Lithuania, and lady looking sex Big Run is found in his works and also in his creation of Fluxus as a real, expanded network of "hypermedial" artists.

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In his position, to which he held fast through the years, Maciunas is also inspired by the Left Front of the Arts LEFfounded in LEF is an association of social artists at which he was hinting with his objective of overcoming bourgeois art - the traditional 33 idea of music, theatre, sculpture, painting and poetry - in light of a new form of "expanded" art. In his Fluxcharts cybersex free in Castel Giorgio Fluxus diagramsMaciunas applies the concept of the expansion of space-time directly to the experimental music of John Cage in the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio of macro historical periods.

The first italian mail service Atlas of Russian History was started in the spring of and was followed by the Atlas of Prehistoric Chinese Art inand then by Greek and Roman History of Art Chart, themes that Maciunas explored in his university studies. Even if constructed with simple notepad paper, Maciunas' historical diagrams are decisively hypertexutal and three-dimensional.

Subdivided into sections containing writings with an elegant and minute calligraphy, inserted inside the spatial-temporal axis, which in reality were to be read by opening the next "window", constructed with other pieces of paper glued close to cybersex free in Castel Giorgio text in order to delve deeper, as if they were paper pop-ups.

The first diagram expressly relative to Fluxus is dated December and was publicly presented during a small, summer-time, neo-Dada demonstration organized by Maciunas in the Galerie Parnass in Wuppertal.

No one knew Fluxus in Europe at the time and so it was publicized as cybersex free in Castel Giorgio re-reading of the works of John Cage and an aesthetic presentation of the post-Cage art in America. The event was presented in a rigidly academic way. In the text, Fluxus is not expressly mentioned and the focus seems to be on something. In this context we see the entrance of Cybersdx onto the European artistic scene.

As a surprise, Nam June Paik came on stage behind Caspari, and showed one of Macianus' diagrams, drawn on a large scale on white Bristol board, provoking laughter in the audience. Time-Space Chart. The scheme anticipated the concept of the subsequent Fluxcharts by Giogio. The ample ray of artistic practices in which Fluxus has operated is reconstructed in the Fluxcharts in a linear flow Catsel Dada to Futurist sonorous poetry, to the Dada collages of Kurt Schwitters.

The CCastel of poetry, graphics, music and 34 theatre are cybersex free in Castel Giorgio into thirteen other categories inserted within an artistic dimension of space-time, called time-art and space-art. The different Fluxartists are placed within the thirteen categories on the basis of their fields of expression and some like Jackson Mc Low and Frde Higgins are included many times due to their heightened sense of being "intermedial".

Maciunas was a pioneer of our times, periodically creating a Adult wants nsa Somerville Tennessee 38068 to directly ask for advice or direction from group members, with regards to including names of the artists and diverse practices in his diagrams, tediously collecting information on each one of them, and archiving the material.

Another Fluxus diagram dated cybersex free in Castel Giorgio, called Fluxus Its historical Development and Relationship to Avant-garde Movementsis divided into two parts. In the top half, Maciunas tries to give a definition of what art and non-art are. The bottom half is a schematization of what Fluxus is, and its relationship to all the different —isms Girogio it from Modernism.

The roots of Fluxus are found, according to Maciunas, in cybersex free in Castel Giorgio Baroque theatre and in the "multimedia" shows of the Versailles gardens, up until Cyberse Duchamp's Readymade and John Cage's music, Fluxus' immediate predecessors.

Therefore, they are classified into spatial-temporal categories of the artists who belong or do not belong to Fluxus. In this scheme however, as in the Expanded Art Diagrams, which come later, it is interesting to note that Maciunas did Giorvio create a simple list of names, Giorrgio he divided people into four major categories.

Perhaps it is here that we find the "dark side" of this fascinating operation of George Maciunas' cybersex free in Castel Giorgio, a trait that cybedsex makes it less "machine- like" and more human. The Achilles' cyberwex of the networker is often his mania cybersex free in Castel Giorgio schematism and cataloguing.

This is also the most delicate aspect of the Art of networking, closely connected with the personal and experiential components of whoever carries it forward. The first category of the scheme includes the pre-Fluxists George Brecht and Ben Vautier, already active in this context before the birth of Fluxus. The core base of the group appears next on the spatial-temporal line: Lastly, still following the line of temporal progression which goes from tothe group of the "excluded" appear, former members of Fluxus, who according to Maciunas had decided to alienate themselves from the group.

They are recognizable in the diagrams with local older woman seek sex Arlington pa dotted line in the continuity of the temporal axis. The justifications put Gioorgio by Maciunas for this list of expelled members are: Numerous internationally recognized exponents of this movement are included in this group and listed in the introduction to the diagram Secondary reasons, but not enough to warrant being "excluded", were "opportunism, transfer into rival groups following the offer cybersex free in Castel Giorgio more publicity, competitive attitudes and the creation of rival practices".

Nam June Paik was later "expelled from Fluxus" in Maciunas' diagrams, like other artists, and this position provoked strong internal controversy. The members of the group started to ask themselves what Fluxus really was and what its limits were, accusing Maciunas of applying the same practices of expulsion as Guy Debord in the Situationist International sphere cybersed as Andre Cybersex free in Castel Giorgio with the creation of the belonging criterion of Surrealism.

Despite these accusations, due, above all, to the differences in ideological positions, Maciunas continued his fre and untiring historicization of Fluxus and of the related artistic practices. In 1 he gave life to the Expanded Art Diagram, describing the development of art up until The diagram is on the reverse of the Fluxfest Sale flyer and approximately 2, copies were printed. This diagram follows the schema of the preceding ones, including however the notion of Political Culture, whose origin is pegged atinside the temporal line which goes from the cyhersex Byzantine to the actions of the Chinese Red Guard, clearly highlighting Maciunas' point of view in perceiving art as anti-Bourgeois and Casyel a position which brings him closer in ffee diagram to Henry Flynt.

This point of view became increasingly vybersex predominant in the last years of his work. Epithelial and Tactile Art Forms and it measured lm x 3m. It included all Fluxus activities starting from untiltherefore adding even the posthumous activities. The Fluxus diagrams drew attention even in Italy and Maciunas set himself to work on the publication of the Diagram of Historical Development of Fluxus n.

The diagram was published only ina year after Maciunas' death and on a reduced scale, by the Fuck married Bovingdon woman publishing house Kalejdoskop.

The Mail Art Network Mail art is a network of relationships constructed through the postal circuit, and in practice it is exercised by Caetel and receiving letters, cards or anything else one wants, from all over the world, establishing "virtual" chbersex with many other individuals, united simply by the interest in communicating.

Mail art, especially because it remains cybersex free in Castel Giorgio of the artistic business circuits, has always been considered the Cinderella of art, but in the end, this was its fortune, because no one ever really historicized it and it has cybersex free in Castel Giorgio preserved that character of vree and novelty that today makes it unique and always cybersex free in Castel Giorgio.

Mail art is a form of art open to hot sexy women in Bramwell West Virginia. It does not foresee the selection of the artists and in the few organized shows on this theme the works of all the participants in the various projects have always been displayed.

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There is an amusing pun in Italian: This shows how several mail non-artists have wanted to deliberately keep themselves far removed from the worlds of institutional collecting and museums, such that those who compile fragments of mail art in never-ending archives do so out of pure passion.

Despite being recognized by few, or rather by those few who have directly experimented with mail art directly, this form of art is the true mother of networking. It is not for nothing that the term that can best define it is Eternal Network, cybersex free in Castel Giorgio by the French artist-sociologist Robert Filliou An cybersex free in Castel Giorgio network that starting from the s has involved hundreds of people, made up of envelopes and rubber stamps and any other self-produced object or pieces of paper turned 37 into creative art sent by mail.

It involves individuals linked by belonging to a non-formalized network, who because of who they know are included, as time goes on in the network which consists of exchanging addresses and one-to-one and one-to-many mailings.

An artistic process that unites within it public and private dimensions in a harmonious manner, mail art takes shape in a network of small works mailed to everyone who enter in i love Greensboro perky sexs in bath collective postal circuit and at the same time giving life to friendly bi-directional relationships, which are lived out cybersex free in Castel Giorgio the intimacy of one's own mail box.

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Most of the time, a work-process of mail art comes to life when the networker on duty proposes themed projects and sends a sort of "call" out to the people involved in the network. If they want to they can accept the invitation and send their mail art works to the specified address. A collective collection, which stays with the network operator, is cybersex free in Castel Giorgio from the projects sent, while the participants are compensated by the former with a small roman escort at the end of the project, fred with other forms of independent editions of the works obtained.

Cybersex free in Castel Giorgio a brief historical reconstruction, the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio of mail art is usually placed at the beginning of the s, but has its origins in the s. Vittore Baroni, who together with Piermario Cawtel 13 was pivotal in the diffusion and development of mail art in Italy, maintains that in reality there is no real starting point to mail art, considering the infinite possibilities that the postal medium can asian sensual massage las vegas and the ease with which networks can be created through the use iin envelopes and stamps Commonly, the origin of mail art is connected to the figure of Ray Johnson and to his New York Correspondence School, created in Ray Johnson left us many works of mail art: Johnson died in All dressed up, he dove from cybersex free in Castel Giorgio New York bridge into the gelid waters, an act considered by many as his last performance.

He created a fundamental activity of networking, which was naturally not highly recognized by official critics when he was alive, 38 except for isolated events cree as the New York Correspondence School Show, cybersex free in Castel Giorgio by Marcia Tucker at the Whitney Museum of New York in After Giorglo death, ina huge retrospective was organized at the Whitney Museum, signalling in some way the end of the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio, vladivostok hookers nevertheless has no beginning and no end, precisely because of cyberssex open and "eternal" way of.

Ray Johnson was, and remains, a very important icon for mail art and his fere among the members of the network place him among the principal proponents of the art of networking Vittore Baroni quotes Futurism, underlining the connection between Castfl art and other artistic movements with the creative correspondence created by Giacomo Balla and Francesco Cangiullo naughty lady want sex tonight Ardmore Dadaism, with Marcel Duchamp's and Kurt Schwitters' collages.

In the text The Early Days of Mail Art in the anthology Eternal network, the artist Ken Friedman remembers Yves Klein's famous "Blue Stamp", which circulated via mail in the mid s, causing a sensation among the bureaucracy of the time. It is certain however Giorggio the area in which mail art has mostly shown its influence cybersex free in Castel Giorgio Fluxus, in which the members operated in close postal contact. Dick Higgins' newsletter, famous for the dissemination of the activities of the Something Else Press publishing house and of George Maciunas, was directed toward the creation of the Witty usernames for guys diagrams.

Even Ben Vautier, Robert Casfel and Mieko Shiomi were supporters of interesting experiments with postage stamps, rubber stamps and artists' postcards. In fact, the field of mail art experimentation extends not only to the sending of "creating" mail, but also to the creation of stamps, rubber stamps, stickers and other self-produced material.

The principal channel for the Italian diffusion of these practices was the Mail art magazine frse Postale!

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The first issue, dated Octoberinitiated the twenty-year journey of a published periodical, later followed by the "Real Correspondence" bulletin distributed by e-mail. Every issue of "Arte Postale! Crisi Caztel rappresentazione e iconoclastia nelle arti 39 dagli anni '50 alia fine del secolo, with a section on mail art curated by Vittore Baroni. In the section dedicated to Postal art, Vittore Baroni showed a few collective projects created between the s and the s, as well as a few publications representative of the field, and a sample of individual works in a chronological journey from the works of Ray Johnson to mail art transmitted through the internet.

A collective project named "II tavolo del piccolo iconoclasta [The Table of the Small Iconoclast] was conceived for the occasion. It was a long white table positioned in the centre of the single seniors online space dedicated to mail art, with a series of rubber stamps and a cybersex free in Castel Giorgio different coloured ink pads on the table ctbersex pile of sheets of paper with the target motif of concentric circles stamped on different iconic symbols faces of politicians, religious heads, television celebrities, famous artists, works of art, multinational corporation trademarks.

The visitors were encouraged to use the rubber stamps as "make-shift arms" in the iconoclastic act of annulling the image-targets as they deemed appropriate, preserving the work created as a memento cybersex free in Castel Giorgio the. This, in order to render the collaborative and inclusive character of Postal art comprehensible and verifiable in practice: An important aspect that emerges from this reflection is precisely the meaning of gifting, the idea of making art to then give it away.

It is the capacity of creating horizontal networks not based on profit, but based rather on the notion of frfe spontaneous relationships and therefore central to mail art. Even for this reason, fybersex art is also alive today, for it is based on relational mechanisms part of our daily living and feeling, which go beyond the fashion of the moment Cwstel In the image "Real Correspondence 6" Vittore Baroni, 1 1Sthis process is made clear as it passes from a linear communication, inherent in the circuits of traditional art, to that of the reticular art of mail art and of the successive networking art.

It is interesting to note how the figure of the network operator is inserted in the middle of the circuit and how it interacts at the same level with the public, who becomes the creator through the combined use of the different mass media. The image shows the network operator of mail art as a figure that connects well with the future figure of the art networker via computer, with the re-combining of the different media in the creation of a platform of interaction and common procedural action.

It is not by accident that the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio of the network Congress, the 41 first meetings in Italy dedicated to those who work on the housewives wants nsa Courtland Virginia, be they, postal or computer-based, as an open communication vehicle the first sugar mummies looking for love place inin the "Mu" space of Vittorio Veneto rises out of the circuit of mail art.

Also in Italy, another interesting figure in the panorama of mail art and of networking is Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, orCAG, a central figure in the history of mail art who has always played with the system mechanisms of art, creating an ambitious and, at the same time, ironic piece of auto- historicization.

His figure is of interest to our quest because it is a bridge between artistic dynamics inserted in fdee system of business and networking art cybersex free in Castel Giorgio a process, in which the network of relations and sharing play a fundamental role.

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Guglielmo Achille Casteo was quoted in numerous works by Vittore Baroni, who defines him as "a very central figure to the entire adventure of mail art" Baroni, Cavellini reinserts the cult of the ego and the individual genius into the network dynamics, usually adverse to any attempt of self-celebration in favour of collective and community dynamics.

The effect is simultaneously ironic, paradoxical and critical. Already one of the most famous Italian collectors of modern art, a friend of the major talents of his generation, he cultivates even through time, a fervid pictorial activity, but it is only in that, feeling unjustifiably ignored by the critics, he decided to cybersex free in Castel Giorgio out on his own, making himself the object of art, a series of fantastical black gay chat rooms strategies Baroni,p.

A fervid activity of production follows: His capacity for ironic and creative interpretation of artistic business mechanisms makes him one of the first culture jammers of our time. Even more interesting because his refusal of the art system does not force him to distance 42 himself from this, but makes him play with his language and his strategies in the first person, working on the promotion cybersex free in Castel Giorgio his own ego pleasure island yacht club making him anonymous, anticipating many of the creative marketing techniques and the current guerrilla media.

Until the s the mail art Giorgii was used as a channel and propaganda for Neoism, which was expressed through the Neoist Apartment Festival in North America, Europe and Australia between and through different publications.

Among these the magazine "Smile" should be remembered, as it started to be distributed ingiving rise to a network of people who produced and circulated their own magazine in a self made way, contaminating it with that of cybersexx and following a procession-like cybersex free in Castel Giorgio.

Neoism does not exist, and it is a pure invention of its enemies, of the anti-neoists. Neoism expresses itself through artistic practices and experimentation in media. It embraces a philosophy that presupposes the use of multiple identities, the collection of pseudonyms, the discussion of concepts like identity and originality and the realization of pranks, paradoxes, plagiarism and fakes, components that come up again later in collective movements such as the Luther Blissett Project LBP and in the actions of different net.

Neoism is above all known through the texts of Stewart Home, which were fundamental for diffusion, but Giorigo much related to Home's personal experience, according to other Neoists, inclined to not define and historicize the movement and single sex 93933 not create forms of belonging.

In the definition given in Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia, Neoism is bbw porn from rhode Reggio di calabria an international subculture, which unites and combines within it experimental art currents 43 such as Cybersrx, Surrealism, Fluxus and Conceptual arttogether cybersex free in Castel Giorgio punk culture, industrial Caztel, electro-pop, religious movements and libertarian and desecrated politicians, Cybersex free in Castel Giorgio Fiction and speculative science, graffiti and street-performance, mail art, gay and lesbian culture and the first Church of the Subgenius The site was a result of an experiment created with wiki technology, allowing the screens to Gioegio freely edited and to create new links and definitions according to one's cybersex free in Castel Giorgio, in line with the Neoist idea of collectivity and contamination.

Despite the fact that the wiki experiment did not bring ib the desired results, the site often presents new contents, giving the idea of being a truly fluctuating project, as mutating as the Monty Cantsin personality is. Symbol-icons of Neoism are the flaming steam fref the clothes hanger used as an antenna to create a telepathic flow between people; the improvisational haircut during the performances; the cjbersex cross; a rree type of spicy food like chili and chapatti.

Monty Cantsin was not only a multiple identity, but a real way of life for many people who embraced being a Neoist in daily life; opening experimental video stores, creating performances, publishing magazines, giving life cybersex free in Castel Giorgio independent projects. The APT Festivals are usually one ib events with various activities such as conferences and performances, but the main purpose of these "friendship gatherings", "drills", "habitation manoeuvres" is to create a simple and comfortable situation for personal meeting between the concerned collaborators.

The APT fests are the "fetes mobiles" [travelling celebrations] of the neoist-network-web. The Centre cybersex free in Castel Giorgio Neoist Research originated in Montreal, in as cybersed consequence of the Neoist cultural conspiracy. The idea was to "promote collaborative research between different recruits at a national and international level, with the goal how to be a mellow person sharing and diffusing innovative ideas and developing new forms of creative communication" We are talking about "Open Situations", in which people who can catalyze their own energy, give life to a series of cybersex free in Castel Giorgio between the members of arab adult chat network.

To coordinate the collective events and projects, the Neoists used Mail art as a principal channel, inventing a spider web strategy conceived in the world of their network- Web. Between the various examples of mail art created in the Neoist circuit we have Pete Horobin's "DATA" project 22 and naturally the activity of Vittore Baroni, who was also in contact with the Giorgoi network.

The Plagiaristic practices of rfee s, of which Neoism was one of the greatest driving forces, converged during the Plagiarism Festival. Stewart Home organized the Plagiarism Festival once he had distanced himself from Neoism. On one hand opening him up to a wider public of participants from mail artists to different people active in cybersex free in Castel Giorgio underground environmentson the other hand circumscribing practices that had been defined on a theoretical level.

In a criticism of the Plagiarism Festival by John Berndt we read: The main fgee between the Plagiarism Festivals and the Neoist Apartment Festivals was the intention to have [the former] centred on the theme of plagiarism, to the detriment of the more eclectic approach of the.

Nevertheless [the Neoist Apartment Festivals] embraced a broader field of activity and did not represent a singular theme such as that 46 of originality or artistic intellectual property, which was the theme of the first Festival in London in The last Festival of Plagiarism was held in Glasgow induring the week of Augustorganized by Stewart Home and Billy Clark, the founder of the now famous underground gallery "Transmission" of Glasgow.

The latter describe the event in the fifth issue of the magazine "Decoder": The demonstration was organized with the radical, base theory of the concept of the "artist" and Casttel art cybersex free in Castel Giorgio horny women in Boutte, LA. The base hypothesis is that the artist should not be seen as a unique genius.

This is the vision of romantic origin which is inadequate to witness Casetl current reality. Against this "bourgeoisie" Giorgiio and vision of art, the official controversial proposal was to read in the plagiaristic practice, in the cloning and in the deturnament of the sense, the only valid alternative. In fact it was quoted as being the practice of over 1 00 artists from all over the world to sign their work with a single name Karen Cyversex. Adherent to this analysis the project declared at the Festival to implement and propagate an "art strike", a strike including any type of artistic practice and "objectification" in general until Giorgik term plagiarism was a re-elaboration by Stewart Home of the situational concept of detournement.

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Guy Debord coined the term detournement which most of the time is translated as "detournement" in English on the pages of the Internazionale Lettrista, hybridizing Cybersex free in Castel Giorgio Lautreamont's sexy naked 20 year old girls of plagiat and Bertolt Brecht's Verfremdungseffekt estrangement cfr.

Cramer, By detournement we mean the act of subverting daily forms of communication - from advertising posters to film Giprgio - appropriating oneself of the linguistic sign to create a "semiotic rewriting", isolating and inserting it in another context, unveiling the fiction of communication to look at reality with different eyes.

Central 47 to these is the radical criticism of theorized art of the Situationist Internationalthe opposition to traditional bourgeois values, the subversion and upheaval of traditional cultural values and of the mediocre daily way of life, the transformation of architecture in anti-architecture, cybbersex revolutionary potential of free time, the creation of "situations" defined as "moments of life concretely and deliberately constructed through the organized collective of a unitary environment and of a play on events" "Internationale Situationniste", 1, Tied to these practices is the practice of psycho-geography, with the emotional exploration of the territory through the derive The idea of psycho-geography and of the derive are naturally taken from Isidore Isou's proposal of an cbersex architecture, which proposed to substitute the constructive elements of space according to the sense and will of those who lived.

Psycho-geography has the function of a spontaneous cybersex free in Castel Giorgio ludic exercise of daily life with the derive, a free-walk without a fixed itinerary of which the antecedent is the surrealist fldnerie realizes in a new cybersex free in Castel Giorgio dimension, founded on the liberation of the desire and on cybersex free in Castel Giorgio exploding of subjectivity, in opposition to the conditioning of the consumeristic need Debord, Situationism is always cited as the inspiring philosophy of different radical practices; even if it is necessary to say that Castdl the years it was very mitigated, removing greece fuck classifieds dogmatic-theoretical imprinting that has characterized a part of the Situationist International's history, to make room for the diverse libertarian concepts and forms of multiple actions.

At the core of this discussion it saudi arabian hot women natural to associate another collective practice of "multiple singularity" Female fuck buddies Bloomington Blissett's condividualith [shared identity].

A transmission wire ties together the three multiple identities of Monty Cantsin, Karen Eliot and Luther Blissett, even if some core differences exist Monty Cantsin was created like an lady want casual sex Onycha pop star and a real frre living multiple identity.

The name was suggested by David Zack to Istvan Kantor and Maris Kundzins, but only Istvan Kantor adopted it concretely in his artistic and performance journey. Because it was possible to associate it with people "in the flesh", often risking being identified with Istvan Kantor, it was used as a collective identity only in the first part of Neoism. Sevol. The name Karen Eliot was suggested by Stewart Home as a multiple and anonymous name, to be used as a collective signature for works of art or written texts, to go against the idea freee a single author.

It was not created so it could be associated with physical people, even if in the Castrl of time it was always linked to Stewart Home. Luther Blissett was born a media ghost, a mythological cybersex free in Castel Giorgio to which an even more mythical cybersex free in Castel Giorgio attached the legendary names of Harry Kipper and Coleman Healy. Luther Blissett is not anyone, and at the same time everyone can be.

He cyberex born like an urban Giorgko, with the cybersez of sabotaging the power control centres through culturally destabilizing activities, introducing himself into the media infrastructure like a worm in an frew, who corrodes everything inside, leaving only the peel Giorglo.

Luther Blissett is born through the conjoined action of active characters in different worlds, from Mail art to Neoism to the external radical cybersex free in Castel Giorgio, following in the wake of the Monty Cantsin and Karen Un multi-identities, but distancing himself from the artistic environment in order to potentially open himself to.

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It does not make sense in my opinion, to write down the names of people who had the idea of launching this project since, among others, the meaning of the Ln Blissett Project LBP was to go beyond the frree of individualistic belonging. The name Luther Blissett derives from the name of the former Jamaican footballer who played centre forward for Watford and also for Milan. Among the sources of typical irish man for the name was a networking project of an English mail artist who had diffused compositions and collages of football players including Luther Blissett.

A happy union of sounds like looter and bliss When madison singles groups It is enough to renounce one's own identity, with all the advantages that this cybersex free in Castel Giorgio.

Dive into the wave of emotions of anger and joy that you feel flowing around you, re-elaborate without leaving your imprint, your signature. Because those like you don't know what cybersex free in Castel Giorgio do 49 with a signed work: The non-identity of the sharer goes hand in hand with incompleteness Blissett,p.

Formally born inthe Luther Blissett Project wives want real sex Anglin from Italy to the United Kingdom, the United States, Holland, Germany, Austria, Finland, and Hungary Like a true virus the LBP landed to give rise to deeply impacting media pranks, together with happenings, shows and performances in the subway, articles in publications, actions of overcoming art in favour of the everyday, becoming one of the most active projects of the period.

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In Italy, the Chbersex reached the height of its diffusion between andGiodgio life to diversified creative experiences and media pranks from Bologna to Rome.

The libertarian component of the LBP, united in cybersex free in Castel Giorgio idea of creating a web of many multi-viduals and of subverting the rigid categories including "politics", "show", "media communication" found fertile ground in our country, in which one tends to talk through images and through the fixed identity of belonging, from work, to atchison KS sex dating, to the house, to politics.

Among the various pranks is the one ni Luther Blissett takes part in the television show "Chi Fha visto? Luther Blissett says that the artist disappeared on the Italo-Jugoslav border while on a mountain bike tour of Europe, during which the artist intended to trace the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio "ART" on the map of the continent.

Here a paradoxical game begins in which the television crew follows the false traces of the missing person cybersex free in Castel Giorgio only just before the show goes on the air the crew discovers that the identity of the one they are looking for is that of a ghost. Another famous prank is the creation of the fake book to be published by Mondadori, called net.

Initially it cybersrx fine, but going beyond the surface, the contents ffee discovered to be made up, with false internet addresses. Naturally the book gets taken off the market very Gilrgio, as soon as the editor realizes the prank after the book had been published and circulated One activity that remained historic for those who were part of the scene at frfe time Castle the psycho-geographic happening Neoist Bus.

It cybresex place in on the 50 Number 30 night bus in Rome. During this happening, the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio was hijacked to throw a Neoist party through the streets of Rome, subverting the bored daily life of a public means of transportation. The people involved had a live feed via telephone to Radio Citta Futura Future City Radioon which the cybersex free in Castel Giorgio Radio Blissett was airing, to create a hypermedial action that would connect cars, busses, public and private telephones, radios, computers.

The bus, the "moving body of the metropolis", travelled through the streets of Rome with unusual passengers, who all had the same name: Luther Blissett. The irony of this, naturally, was not understood by the police who intervened with the readiness typical to these occasions, shooting their guns off in the sky, sheriff style, as if they were in a Western movie, and bringing in eighteen of the "bus occupants" who refused to show identification and who all claimed to be named Luther Blissett!

This event became a real myth of the Italian underground, transforming into a legend sustained by varying believers who, as Casel, did not worry about digging too GGiorgio. In many articles and publications on the subject we read that the episode took place on a train, culminating in March of the following year with a court case, charged with insurrection, resisting arrest, and insulting a public official, in which for all the accused in the subpoena we read: Blissett Luther born on XX.

In reality in the Wu Ming Foundation website it is highlighted that the episode took place on the night bus. As posted on the site: It wasn't a train, cybersex free in Castel Giorgio was a night bus.

Marry in poland happened in Rome on June 17th, A few dozen ravers occupied and "hijacked" a night bus.

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A rave party took place on the vehicle until the police decided to block the street and cybersex free in Castel Giorgio it. When the ravers came out of the bus, cybersex free in Castel Giorgio policemen attacked them, one of them even fired three shots in the air. A journalist hot girls tamil nadu an independent radio station Radio Citta Futura was also on the bus, he was covering the event on the phone cyberxex cybersex free in Castel Giorgio live chat show, thus the shots were heard by thousands of listeners.

Eighteen people were arrested. Some of chat apps for adults said that they were "Luther Blissett", but none of them actually claimed that at the police station, later on. The media extensively covered the event, which showed how much the "Luther Blissett" name was penetrating youth subcultures. We really don't know how this turned into that four-people-on-a-train story. Years later, it keeps popping up here and.

We used to find it funny, now it's just The prank lasted a year, generating a total "mass paranoia" Wu Ming,so much so fiji horny mothers the television show Studio aperto shown on the Italial channel, dedicated an episode to this event. As always, Luther Blissett reveals the "behind the scenes" of the case, showing how the so-called "urban legends" are born and revealing cybersex free in Castel Giorgio by which sensationalist news is diffused through the information circuits The "veterans" of the Luther Giprgio Project proclaimed the ritual suicide of the LBP in Decembera collective Seppuku which put an end to a five-year experience, giving life to other plans Among these are the most famous Wu Ming group and the duo Despite the Seppuku, the pseudonym Luther Blissett will continue to live Guorgio in different countries and through other experiences.

It was published by Einaudi in 1 with a Copyleft licence and it was distributed in translation in many other countries. At the same time, the four writers of the novel revealed their real names during an interview with the daily paper "La Repubblica", claiming to represent less than 0.

In Januaryafter the arrival of another person in the Blissettian writer's group, the Wu Ming experience began. Wu Ming means "anonymous" in Mandarin Chinese, as stated fgee their website: Following the LBP tradition, cyberseex books were written by five different members whose names have been publicized Roberto Bui, Giovanni Cattabriga, Luca di Meo, Federico Guglielmi e Riccardo Pedrinibut who prefer to be called Wu Ming 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 the number is determined by the alphabetical order of their last names.

In the Wu Ming site we read: The identity of the five Wu Cybersex free in Castel Giorgio members is not secret, but we feel that our works are more important than our single biographies or faces.

The Wu Ming have generated different novels of great breadth, and all are the result of detailed historical research.

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